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University Language Services provides certified translations of academic documents, subject to the following terms & conditions:

A certified translation from ULS has the authority of an original legal document, and as such, should not be photocopied, manipulated or changed by the recipient. Our certified translations are accepted by accredited U.S. universities and U.S. government agencies.

Typically, our service includes:

  • One PDF copy & one hardcopy of the translation
  • Formatting to resemble the original
  • Translation of legible seals
  • Opportunity to review the translation prior to certification
  • Certification & Notarization

Shipping Methods: Certified translations are normally delivered via the U.S. Postal Service to addresses within the U.S. The cost of shipping to a single address within the U.S. is FREE. Upon customer request, delivery can be made via FedEx 3-Day Delivery, FedEx Overnight or FedEx International. Please Note: Delivery to addresses outside the U.S. is made via FedEx. These options incur additional charges.

Additional Certified Sets: For additional official copies of the certified & notarized translation, each additional copy costs $19.95. This price applies if and only if included as part of an original order. Official certified copies requested at a later date will cost more.

Alternative Addresses: Shipping can be arranged to addresses other than a customer’s billing address. Shipping of certified translation sets to more than one address will incur additional charges.

Turnaround Time: ULS is not responsible for delays in shipping caused by customer review of proofs. ULS is not responsible for delays caused by the delivery service (USPS and/or FedEx). Turnaround times do not include shipping time.

Illegible Text: Text that ULS translators and editors cannot read will be marked as “illegible.” ULS can only certify the translation of legible text. In the event that legible copies are provided after the project is complete, additional fees may apply for post-editing services.

Payment Methods: ULS accepts most major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. All sales are final.