Dedicated to enhancing the quality of translation and facilitating international education.

At ULS, we are committed to fostering international education by helping students around the world succeed in their higher education pursuits – from application to graduation and beyond.

Our guides and blog posts offer advice and tips for domestic and international students alike on everything from applying to college and test preparation to student life and job help while our professional translation services ensure that all your academic and relevant travel documents are accurately translated.

Our Story

Our first office opened its doors in 1983. Our vision was to encourage global education by providing international students with a free, online resource on how to apply and succeed at US colleges that included an affordable translation service our visitors could depend on.

Over the years, ULS has seen a lot of changes. We’ve opened offices throughout the US and added additional student services. Our client base has also grown to include high school students just beginning the college search, current college students interested in studying abroad, and recent grads looking towards their future.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: our commitment to quality translations and our continued efforts to help students find universities and colleges around the globe where they can grow not only as individuals, but also as part of the world community.

Our Translation Services

When you’re applying to an international school, the last thing you need is a translation error. Trust the experts at University Language for specialized academic translations in over 150 languages and dialects.

With our professional translation services you’ll receive:

Personalized Service – Our large, in-house translation staff is dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and services that meet your needs on your schedule and budget.

Accurate Translation – Our unique approach to translation enables us to provide you with accurate, courteous and professional service at a reasonable price. Documents at ULS are always translated by qualified linguists and then reviewed by editors and proofreaders, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Linguistic Expertise – Coming from around the globe, our staff members are sensitive to international protocol. At ULS, we take the time to ensure that your translation is paired with the ideal linguist who has both experience with the source and target language as well as knowledge of the appropriate terminology for your document type, whether it’s an academic transcript or a CV.

Our experienced linguists, competitive rates, and personalized service have made University Language the reliable source for the translation of academic records. Learn what thousands of students around the world already know and contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

A message from Victor Hertz, President of University Language Services, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

As of March 13, University Language Services has activated its emergency protocols to ameliorate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on you, our staff and our suppliers. These measures have allowed us to continue delivering best-in-class service while acting within the guidelines of the CDC and other government agencies.

In particular, we’ve implemented remote access and distributed workflows for all product lines and services. We are working remotely but are 100% operational. Note that our secure data centers and multiple office locations add redundant capabilities for meeting the challenges of the current health crisis.

Translation of academic transcripts and other official documents are being delivered via email and/or our secure FTP site. (Please note that certification of translations may be delayed as this requires seals and signatures be affixed in person to the final work product.)

If you need translation or other related services email us at:

In all instances your well-being and that of our staff is of the highest priority and as new information becomes available we will adapt our processes to emerging facts and recommendations. ULS has literally been through fires, floods, hurricanes, recessions, stock market crashes and even the aftermath of 9/11 during our nearly forty years of doing business.

We have the experience and the expertise to get through this crisis and provide you with the services you want and need.

Thank you,

Victor Hertz
Legal Language Services