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Translation of your professional licensing documentation deserves the highest level of professional quality and personalized service. With University Language Services, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Whether you’re submitting your credentials to a licensing body or a review board, we can match your bona fides with a professional translator who is fluent not only in the languages you need, but also in the specialized terminology unique to your field.

The same applies to your fellowship applications, which rely on technical vocabulary and precise phrasing. Trust ULS to convey that same level of sophistication across the linguistic divide.

We Translate Licensing Documentation for:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Medical Technicians
  • Accountants
  • Legal Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Other Licensed Professionals

Why Do You Need a License in the US?

In the US, licensure is intended to assure the public that a person is competent to practice in that profession.

Generally, professionals become licensed through training or by passing an exam. In many fields, the person seeking US licensure must obtain an advanced degree before becoming eligible for the license. Such is the case for nurses, for example, who much first graduate from nursing school before they are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

People holding degrees from outside the US will need to pass all the requirements for getting a license in the US. For example, licensure may require the translation of academic records and other documents if they are not already in English.

It’s important to note that each licensed profession has an organization that monitors and represents the interests of the profession. While it is not mandatory for licensed professionals to join the national organizations, most will need to join the state organizations where they wish to practice.

ULS Can Help

University Language has four decades of experience in helping professionals from all over the world obtain their US licenses. We are familiar with the licensing requirements of various state boards and associations, and can assist you in compiling the necessary documentation.

This includes matters of visas, immigration & vaccination records, existing certificates & licenses from outside the US, and any other documents that might be submitted to a licensing board. We know that obtaining a US license can be a complicated and confusing process, and ULS is here to help you through it, every step of the way.

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When you have an academic or legal document that requires certified translation, you want a language service company you can rely on. University Language Services has you covered.