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How Can You Be Sure?

When you receive an English translation of an academic document, how can you be sure that the translation accurately represents course titles?

How can you be sure that the academic translation does not omit (or add) significant data?

How can you be sure that the academic translation does not incorporate a misleading evaluation of grades?

Be Sure with Translation Verification

Translation Verification Adds Creditability to a Translated Transcript

An accurate academic translation is imperative when the results determine a student’s admittance to your school or the awarding of advanced academic standing.

University Language Services will compare a copy of an original academic transcript to its English translation. We will then indicate to you whether or not the translation is acceptable.

If it is unacceptable, ULS will indicate the reasons why, including:

  • mistranslation of course titles
  • major grammatical errors
  • missing text
  • added text
  • misleading evaluation of course titles and/or grade

Translation Verification Is Efficient

All you need to do is mail or email copies of the original document and its purported academic translation. We do the rest.

We will provide you with the results of our analysis either by mail or email, depending on your preference. We anticipate the entire process to take less than 48 hours for most languages.

Translation Verification Personnel

At this time, academic translation verification is free to approved admissions officers, international student advisers and other university officials who have previously registered to participate in this service.