Translation of Academic Documents

Translation of your academic documents including transcripts and diplomas deserves the same professional quality and personalized service that multinational corporations and government agencies around the world expect from their language providers and with University Language Services, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Whether you need the translation of your high school transcript or your college admissions essay, we can match your academic document with a professional translator who is fluent not only in the languages you need, but also in the terminology of the field.

Documents We Translate Include:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Student Resumes & CVs
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statements
  • Theses
  • Dissertations

Translation Is Not a Science

Despite digital advances, document translation is not a science.

Academic translations of transcripts, diplomas, and other documents still require human intervention and sensitivity. This human factor is exactly what separates University Language Services from its competitors.

At ULS, we combine a professional translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with a superior written product that responds to language needs in more than 150 languages.

Translation Is a Craft

The translators of University Language Services are professional linguists who understand the requirements of different texts, such as transcripts, diplomas, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. We have been working with students for 30+ years to ensure their academic translation needs are met.

Project teams at ULS also include editors, copy editors, technical editors, and proofreaders, as appropriate.

Our staff prides itself on its sensitivity to the needs of students who seek official document translations. We also care about your peace of mind.

Whatever your translation project, large or small, we can help. Contact us today for more information regarding our transcript and diploma translation services and to get your free price quote.