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Translation of your academic documents, including transcripts and diplomas, has unique challenges that University Language is expert in solving.

Since 1983, ULS has provided authoritative translation for evaluation services, universities, and other institutions of higher learning. A ULS certified translation is the best for you to get the advance credits you deserve when starting at a new school.

Documents We Translate Include:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Course Descriptions
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Student Resumes & CVs
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statements
  • Theses
  • Dissertations

The ULS Difference

The university admissions process is an important step in a student’s academic journey. In order to get credit for the classes you’ve taken so far, you need your academic transcripts to accurately reflect the hard work you’ve done.

That’s where ULS excels.

Our professional linguists will accurately translate your official documents, but the process doesn’t end there. Once your documents have been translated, we edit the translation, focusing on terminology, syntax, and grammar. After that, a proofreader will review the copy with an eye on consistency, formatting, and layout.

This multi-step attention to detail sets ULS apart, allowing us to provide best-in-class results for our clients.

Presentation Matters

At ULS, we know that different schools use different formats and layouts to display grades. Course listings are sometimes spelled out in full, and at other times are heavily abbreviated. Grades might appear as a letter, a number, or a short description. You might have a multi-page booklet containing your grades, or your entire transcript might fit on a single sheet of A4 paper.

No matter how your transcripts are displayed, ULS takes the time to recreate the formatting and appearance of your documents. We’re devoted to making it as simple as possible for course evaluation companies and universities to compare the translated transcript with your original, so that you can receive the credits you’ve earned.

By combining all these approaches, we make a complex process easy for you. Trust ULS with your documents, and you’ll receive an outstanding translation. Our proven track record for success is one of many reasons why we’re recommended by leading universities & evaluation companies throughout North America.

We Do Our Homework

We have forty years of experience translating course transcripts and other academic documents, and we pride ourselves on our world-class results. But like good students, we’re always aiming to improve. That’s where you come in.

Before we finalize our translations and authenticate them for use by course evaluators and/or university administrators, we consult with you, the client, for feedback. We verify that names have been spelled properly, confirm that course titles are accurate, and clarify any other fine details that might need extra attention. After all, you’ve spent years on these classes, so your familiarity helps ULS refine the final product.

Once you confirm that everything looks correct, ULS prepares the documents for official submission to the university and/or course evaluation company of your choice.

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When you have an academic or legal document that requires certified translation, you want a language service company you can rely on. University Language Services has you covered.