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Join thousands of students who choose University Language Services to translate their academic documents for college applications and professional licenses.

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Translation for Course Evaluation & Academic Credit

Translations from ULS are objective & accurate representations of your course documents, including academic transcripts and course descriptions.

ULS works closely with leading course evaluation companies and universities in the United States and around the world. Our translations are carefully formatted to match the original document, making it easy to compare & verify your academic achievements.

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Translation for School Applications & Study Abroad

Are you looking to attend a college or university in another country? Whether you’re leaving home for the summer or for your entire course of study, ULS provides certified translations for school admissions & study abroad programs around the world.

Travel abroad involves many forms and documents to comply with university guidelines and national visa requirements — ULS translates them all. We translate letters of recommendation, resumes, CVs, birth certificates, medical records, immunization records and more.


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Translation for Professional Licenses & Fellowships

If you’re looking to start or continue your career in another country, ULS is here to help. We provide certified translations for your professional credentials that conform to licensing requirements.

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, medical technician, accountant, legal professional or other licensed professional, turn to ULS to translate your bona fides. Our certified translations are suitable for submission to government agencies and review boards. Let University Language help you get recognized for your unique skills wherever you reside.

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When you have an academic or legal document that requires certified translation, you want a language service company you can rely on. University Language Services has you covered.

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