Why Buying followers will do you no good in 2020?

Did you ever buy Instagram followers, in order to get your profile up at the top?

A lot of influencers do that in 2020, and this new growth hack has actually become the new normal of the industry.

If we talk about the hype, or maybe as sellers promise, then this quick growth is quite promising. If a person decides to grow your profile organically, then he or she will succeed after years. And adding more to it, if you properly research about it, then you will find that success is not guaranteed. It’s possible that even after a year or two, you don’t have more than 2-3k followers on Instagram.

In 2020, followers are very important. In fact, followers are required for getting popular on Instagram.

But then, does buying followers any good to us in 2020? It’s a topic, worthy of a lengthy discussion.

The Truth of buying followers

Actually, the truth of buying followers is not sweet. In fact, the whole perspective is nuanced and something, which is never shown by sellers.

In 2020, Instagram is much more advanced than it used to be, 3-4 years back. The Instagram team knows that some people, just buy Instagram followers and reach the top, without any hard-work.

Adding further to that note, some sellers provide fake followers or even bots. And the Instagram team takes strict action towards such accounts. They can even remove the account from Instagram, and it can be a big loss for you. In fact, not just in terms of your profile, but even the money which you will spend on those fake followers, will go into the drain!

Financially, it can cause you some problems, as most people do not follow the advice and spend everything at once. And along with that, you will also lose your profile and all the hard work behind it.

It’s actually difficult to build a profile from scratch, and then take it to a level where it will gain recognition again.

Other than that, not just for fake followers and bots, but Instagram also has the right to take action against your profile for this practise, as it’s against their terms and policies. Instagram officials are aware of all the practices like these, and therefore they have their measures to deal with the same.

Moving ahead, there are some other cons too, of this practise. The profiles which have fake followers in them, are never considered at the time of rankings. Instagram tools check everything and also the credibility of your followers. Therefore, when such a tool finds out the truth, it will again give a red flag to your account.

All these cons were not discussed from the point of view of sales. But even when we talk about sales and business, if you have an account which is filled up with fake followers or bots, then you will never be able to boost your sales. Taking it a step further, if you have collaborated with a brand and if your job is to help them sell as many products as you can, then it will simply ruin the show. After being unable to help them in growing awareness of their brand, they will definitely not consider you for future projects. So, even there you will face financial losses.

The problem will not just end there. If you are not able to meet the brand’s requirements, then it’s quite certain that your image as an influencer won’t be professional anymore. And therefore, even other brands will retreat and not work with you.

People buy Instagram followers in order to get famous, and boost their sales through the platform. They think that by doing so, they will step into a lucrative phase where everything would turn favourable. But then as we discussed above, there are some serious consequences of the same which no one can afford.

Therefore, it will do no good in 2020.

But then if it’s wrong, then is there any other solution of growing an Instagram account?

Growing Instagram organically

Instagram can turn out to be a fruitful resource for you, if you make up your mind to grow it organically.

Some of the organic ways of growing Instagram include, coming up with rich and well curated posts which draw the audience, mastering the hashtags, collaborating with other big influencers and media personalities, etc.

Through these methods, you will see that you can easily scale-up your business and become popular on Instagram.

Organic methods always ensure peace of mind to the user and they don’t really come with consequences, unless or until some official policy is violated. Therefore, these methods can be tried in real life.

As per our discussion and actual facts, which you can also find out there on the internet, if you buy Instagram followers, then it’s possible that you might be inviting a lot of trouble.


As a recap, buying followers can harm your profile and there can also be official action, which may even result in the removal of your Instagram profile.

The competition is tough and that’s also the reason why, there’s not much room for short-cuts. The Instagram team realizes this and therefore, also makes sure to take action against those who don’t follow it.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, a user can make sure to grow his profile with the help of organic ways.