Brave Dwarfs: Lurking Shadows: Friv Game Overview

Studying "Dev Diaries" and numerous paper-based Internet previews / interviews, I was surprised by the following fact. Friv2Online sang praises about the interesting script, quality dialogues and excellent humorous component. "Uh-huh, in another project the Goblin was lit up", - flashed through me. How else? In our century, a game that does not contain vulgarity and strong words is doomed to a perishable existence on the list of the most boring electronic entertainment of the century! And my face was twisted twice more in surprise when I did not find this pseudonym in the list of authors! Interest in Gnomes"Grew by leaps and bounds: I wanted to see the project" without age restrictions ", which will make you smile from the competent formulation of literary words, without resorting to the help of" bear "and" author zhzhot! " In such a bustle, interest in gameplay faded into the background, it was only known that " Brave Dwarfs " is an arcade game in the best traditions of Lost Vikings .

Most likely, it was under the impression of this old-looking, but still vigorous spirit of the console arcade that the gnome brothers, Torvald and Fafnir, were forged in the bowels of the developer company. Diametrically opposite in character, as a result, having different weaknesses and strengths, they perfectly complement each other in any campaign. Torvald is a tough nut to crack (unfortunately, empty inside), guided by one principle: “In battle! And there whatever happens! " and prefers to check the strength of the foe's head at the opportunity. His brother is a sage and magician, he is cautious, relying on the strength of his mind and sleight of hand. Side by side, they have to solve more than one puzzle, go through more than one labyrinth teeming with monsters, and, of course, we will listen to more than one caustic remark or a malicious remark about the stupidity / ingenuity of the brothers.Brave Dwarfs ”you regard this as a kind of gift for a skillfully completed stage. I am pleased not only by the skill of the scriptwriters who wrote really funny jokes, but also by the professionalism of the actors: impeccable voices, correct intonation. Definitely the highest mark.

As befits any fairy tale about beautiful valleys and fairy-tale creatures, the story of " Brave Dwarfs " originates in a quiet village. The brothers lived, they did not grieve, as suddenly a misfortune fell on their heads: evil newts kidnapped a fellow villager.

The locations that we happen to visit are quite diverse and do not have time to get bored - it takes about 30-40 minutes to complete each in the "ideal", that is, provided that one of the brothers will not get stuck in stones and in front of bridges, and the interaction of the character and objects will happen without freezing. Otherwise, acquaintance with the game will drag on for quite a long time, which, as you know, is also not good.

It seems that I mentioned the honorary Lost Vikings at the beginning of the review. " Brave Dwarfs»With almost 100% accuracy copy the gameplay, making some adjustments to maintain balance. If Fafnir can climb slopes and ledges, jump dexterously on moving platforms and switch levers, then Torvald boasts remarkable strength and unshakable health. Everyone's task is extremely simple - you just need to grasp it. While one is moving the box towards the elevator, the other must activate the mechanism, then Torvald throws the box on the swing, and Fafnir, meanwhile, is already soaring in the sky. In the first couples, the need for a satellite is almost not felt, while the final missions are simply impossible to imagine without support and support. The increasing complexity raises interest - only after completing half of the game, you realize that even without juicy special effects and smooth animation, the game can be addictive!

Clever design finds, drawn straight from the great and terrible Alice , like water to a dried plant. Just got tired of jumping on the platforms, if you please try the puzzle, and finally - the boss, which differs from ordinary opponents not only by the increased content of HP. Not only does each leader require an individual approach to himself, but also both brothers are involved in the fight against him - a frantic pace, constant switching between them - all this injects another portion of adrenaline into the blood.

It is a pity that everything is not as smooth as we would like. And if bugs with glitches can be cured by patching, then nothing can be done with graphics - you can only put up with it. Again, she seemed to have migrated from Alice, only now this comparison is far from a compliment. Even the character models are too poor, what can we say about such "little things" as enemies, architecture, trees ... Although shaders are present, they do not carry any visual load at all; the water resembles a diluted blue watercolor paint. "The engine is completely ours," say GameOver Games . I hope they are just stating a fact, not boasting. After a little reflection, I came to the conclusion that the ideal engine (in terms of graphics and features) would be the engine Fable: The Lost Chapters , but how can we really compete with Lionhead Studios !

Final comments

Unfortunately, you won't be able to close your eyes to the picture, but you can simply plunge into a sea of ​​pleasure without peering into protruding polygons and sinking textures, but listening to the squabble of the brothers and solving various problems. I assure you that after an hour of continuous gameplay, you will completely forget about all the problems, especially if the developers are not too lazy to release a patch soon.

Gameplay: The perfect combination of two giants of their time (Lost Vikings and Alice) makes Brave Dwarfs more than just another stupid labyrinthine adventure.

Graphics: Nothing superfluous and even less than the norm: no bright explosions, no rag-doll animation, no clear textures.
Sound: Stunning dialogues, thanks to good writing and productive work of the actors, naturally turn the game into an interactive fairy tale! What not to say about the music. It is and nothing more.

For how long?: Full linearity - no other options for passing. For one time, but for what!