Red Ocean: Y8 Game Review

I wonder, dear readers, what thoughts will creep into your head if you get a blank in the form of one CD-carrier with a new "revolutionary" shooter recorded on it, the installation distribution of which, moreover, does not exceed 700 Mb? Probably the same as mine. Actually: is everything all right with the developers' heads and how can one fit a high-quality, according to the assurances of the PR-department of developers, product on such a meager disk space? Of course, the experience of folk craftsmen has proven that a couple of action levels with advanced graphics, with perfect straightness of hands, will fit on a regular floppy disk. The only requirement is a sufficiently powerful computer. However, in the case of Red Ocean - the hero of this article - the recommended system configuration clearly does not fit the definition of "powerful". It turns out that they are cheating somewhere.

And they deceive here literally in everything. The plot, presented at the stage of creating the project, almost a real revelation, turned out to be an average cranberry about terrorists who occupied an abandoned submarine base of the USSR, and a lone war, a born savior of mankind. Former member of the special forces Jack Hard plunged into a peaceful life. Striving for harmony in his soul, he opened a small diving school, in which he taught everyone to swim at the depths of the sea. And then one day a stranger named Hammerson turned to Jack. The new client asked the instructor to take him to the right place and there to dive to the very bottom. Surprised by such an unexpected wish, our hero nevertheless agreed to help. However, everything turned out to be not so simple. There was an undercover FBI agent in Jack's boat trying to enter the lair of terrorists. Under the water, Jack managed to find a mysterious airlock - at the same moment, his radio was filled with Hammerson's death rattle. The way back was cut off. And then, at the most opportune moment, the doors of the cell opened hospitably.

Unfortunately for the writers of Collision Studios, the similarities of the local storyline with the Far Cry script are visible to the naked eye. Even the names of the protagonists are the same. On the other hand, the German blockbuster had breakthrough graphics at the time, high-quality artificial intelligence and vast gaming spaces. In Red Ocean that is not in sight. Here you will have to wander through the monotonous corridors and rooms, cracking down on tons of scripted "meat". Surprisingly, the main "feature" of the title - water - is extremely rare in the game. Most of the entourage of the enemy base, as already mentioned, is made up of man-made buildings. Several times during the campaign, the glavger will wet his feet in the underwater caves - that's all. But how much noise was there.

If not for the idiot AI, Red Ocean could be safely ranked among the unbearably difficult shooters. It's all about the constant shortage of first aid kits and ammunition. Therefore, you have to diligently save the available goods - scour the level in search of the lost freebies and count the cartridges clutched in a sweaty palm.
To exterminate the world's evil is quite simple - a single hit to the head is enough for any enemy. Another thing is that there are a huge number of adversaries in the game, and they rarely move alone. On the battlefield, opponents appear in the form of untrained newcomers, and not seasoned mercenaries. Poor fellows are not familiar with such tricks as roll and banal strafe. The ubiquitous barrels with an explosive substance inside add pleasure to the process of shooting silicon dummies. A couple of shots at the "vessel" - hot meat delivered to your home. Boss fights bring some variety to the gameplay. Despite the fact that they all suffer from impenetrable stupidity and mania for the use of worn-out clichés, it is very interesting to fight with them. Especially against a submarine.

Featured in Red Oceanthe range of weapons "amazes" the imagination. A few knives, two pistols, a shotgun, a couple of assault rifles and the same number of futuristic guns - that's the whole gentleman's set. Oh yes, there are still grenades that can be thrown as much as fifteen meters ahead. Here is such a Jack - an athlete-disco ball.
Sci-fi barrels act as a panacea for hopeless situations. When it becomes hard on the soul, and enemies are pouring from all the cracks - a couple of volleys from an indescribable colossus will greatly improve your mood. On the right mouse button, the alternative shooting mode is hung. Simply put - the aimed shooting mode: there is an imitation of a small zoom, the hero is less mobile, but he is able to conduct more accurate fire.

And yet at Red Oceanthere are bright sides. For example, the duration of a game, totaling about six hours. And this, if you carefully reread all of the above, is an undoubted plus. After the completion of the single, the disc with the creation of Collision Studios will have to be thrown onto the shelf: it doesn't smell like multiplayer. It does not smell exactly like any means of transportation, which can now be found in almost every FPS. Apparently, the professional development of game makers stalled at the level of the mid-nineties, when such things were really a novelty.

The only thing that does not cause nausea attacks is the graphics. Red Ocean footageexecuted quite well. Bump-Mapping, advanced lighting effects, shiny textures - the picture is very similar to Doom 3. But with the creation of id Software, the game cannot compete. Upon closer examination, the textures turn into a vague mess, and from a distance everything looks decent. What you really can't find fault with is the explosions - bright, colorful and impressive. About physics, perhaps it is better to keep silent, otherwise old Newton will be tortured to spin in his coffin.

The voice acting of the characters is mediocre. And was it worth expecting something different from a project of this level. In addition, the phrases uttered by the terrorists are consistently repeated and at the end of the passage they are guessed, as they say, from the first chords. Sounds of shooting and explosions turned out quite well - juicy.

So, what do we have in the end. Another stand for coffee. Collision Studios has issued a gray, unfinished product, devoid of interesting ideas, the further fate of which is very deplorable. Eight years ago, Red Ocean could have gained some fame, bringing its creators good profits from sales. Today the game is absolutely uncompetitive. On what we will decide.

Pros: more or less decent visual performance.
Cons: outdated gameplay, unrestrainedly dumb artificial intelligence, cranberry plot, lack of fresh ideas.