How to Get Attendee Feedback at a Conference

Generating attendee feedback is an incredibly powerful tool at the disposal of any conference host. And with live polling software like Swift by ExciteM, it’s easier than ever to gather accurate and real-time feedback from attendees.

How to gather feedback at a conference

Here are a few tips for gathering useful attendee feedback at conferences.

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Consider using surveys before, during, and after your conference

The type of feedback you want needs to be considered when you time your next poll.

There are several advantages to collecting feedback before, during, and after conferences, because you learn different things from each one.

For example, a pre-conference survey can give you an idea of attendee expectations as well as what they would like to see or learn during the conference.

During a conference, you can collect real-time audience feedback to gauge how the conference is going, as well as where it should go next in order to keep your audience engaged.

Finally, post-conference feedback is critical because it lets you know what your audience did and did not like, as well as how you can improve for your next conference.

Utilize different formats

There are several different ways to collect audience feedback, and depending on the data you’d like to collect, the right choice for you will vary. In some cases, a Q&A format is appropriate where attendees can share long-form answers. Other times, a straightforward web or SMS poll with multiple choice options is best.

Use the right tools

Not all live polling software is created equally. Finding the right fit for your conference is essential for gathering, collecting, and securely storing attendee feedback. Swift Polling is an excellent choice for conferences and events of all sizes. Learn more about it here.