Scarface: The World is Yours: Desura Review

Apparently, some of the big shots have become few games based on modern blockbusters. Indeed, there should be a lot of second-rate nonsense. Therefore, publishers and developers began to love the classics of world cinema. And if the conveyor called Star Wars has long and not unsuccessfully been working with the approval of George Lucas himself, then it was not immediately possible to get to other masterpieces. First, some clever guys sold a license for the legendary Godfather (" The Godfather " in the Russian box office), so the no less legendary Scarface (" Scarface ") fell under the distribution. It's a shame, it's a shame.

Face like face

Let's start with the graphics. Thanks to outdated consoles of the previous generation, the picture of Scarface: The World is Yours looks, frankly, out of date. More precisely, the local graphics are not far from Vice City - a game that has been no less than 4 years old since its release on PS2! The models are disgusting, the textures are blurry and vague, the special effects are nightmarish. Old stuff, junk, last century. Among other things, Scarface is downright "happy" with not weak system requirements. To the question "what is happiness for?" we get one single answer "because the port is console". However, passing the legendary Fallout a dozen times and after the release of all sorts of Oblivions thereboldly and without a shadow of doubt declare that graphics are the tenth thing. It’s true, but in the case of Scarface, this attitude is not appropriate.

The plot simply boggles the imagination with its absurdity. But first, let's clarify the situation for those who haven't watched the film. The main character, Tony Montana, is a creepy bastard and the most notorious bastard. Do you remember the unforgettable Riddick? What are you, bald cynic killer and next to the hero Al Pacino did not lie. Our kind Tony did everything to get undivided power. Eliminating a competitor is not a problem, although you will have to get your hands dirty for that. In the original motion picture, it all ended with Tony dead. A large queue was planted in him, on which, in fact, his glorious life path ended. The screenwriter, on the other hand, felt that it was somewhat irrelevant to copy the events of the film (the ending, for example, will be known in advance), therefore it is better to solder a huge piece of gag to the creation of Brian De Palma. Hello Brain - Tony Montana survived the carnage, however, he had to lay low and heal his wounds, while the smug Herods feasted on the grubs he had earned with sweat and blood. But nothing, Tony said that he would return and take revenge, so you can be sure that he will really return and really take revenge. This is, in general, the plot of the plot. Fans of the film are horrified, ordinary players in thinking about who our Tony is, because there is simply no, even the most overwhelming backstory here.

Run, Shoot and Kill

The gameplay is similar to the great and terrible GTA series . Before us is the city of Miami, divided into four sectors. On the territory of the sunny paradise are scattered interesting and not very buildings like banks, weapons stores and other things. In general, the same as in Vice City... Having gained enough strength and capital, Tony begins to buy real estate, gradually taking possession of the entire city and thereby restoring his former empire. Progress through the plot, by the way, is "nailed" to the ceiling with the Respect Points parameter. A little "respect" - you will not jump to the ceiling and you will not get a new story mission, even if you crack it. You can earn respect by selling cocaine or completing side and extremely boring tasks. It all starts with the usual sale of funny powder to some dummy, and only then the main character will be able to push larger parties. More product - more income, you can't think of another here. Another act of respect is how the gangs treat you. Is the parameter prohibitively small? Receive an enthusiastic welcome from all firearms just outside your territory.

The situation with the police is very interesting. If you really mess with it and do not have time to hide, then you cannot escape the cruel punishment of local justice. The controls are turned off, the player is shown a cheerful inscription "you are fucked up" (I hope it does not need translation) and Tony gets a lead charge of vivacity, at the same time losing the precious contents of his pockets. With pedestrians, things are even more interesting and truly exciting. Polygonal Buratin from Miami, as the song says "you can't strangle, you can't kill," you can't even be crushed by a car. The tenacious ones were caught. A strange decision, considering that in violent scenes the game does not take away, especially when a chainsaw enters the gamer's arsenal.

The most offensive thing is that the developers do not understand in any way what is the power of the unique GTA series . Here is the recently releasedJust Cause had a good graphics engine and great game worlds, however, there was simply nothing to do in it. So in Scarface , walking around low-poly Miami is extremely boring and uninteresting.

But the action part of the game is made surprisingly well. In addition to the Respect Points parameter described above, Tony also has a Balls Meter. If you play naughty and dirty a lot, then your steepness will rise to the skies, and the main character will switch to the local version of the "berserk". The game switches to a first-person view and Tony begins to create a real apocalypse, crushing opponents to the right and left. It is a pity that the picture is poor. To contemplate the ongoing carnage from the first person, a pleasure for those still perverts.

Only the sound design was left without attention. Here everything is done for a solid five. The voices are perfectly matched, it's a pity that Al Pacino himself could not voice his character, but the replacement chosen in his place raises no complaints. There are even more than a hundred musical compositions in the game, which, to put it mildly, is a lot. The tracks sounded in the film are pretty much supplemented by the music of that time.

Final comments:

A clone of GTA looking for classics of crime movies. Not bad in places, but generally awful. In a word, a failure.

Gameplay: Have you played GTA? Then there is nothing to explain. A city that lives by its own laws, the use of transport and amusing firefights, that's all.

Graphics: Vice City, only 4 years later. Now this picture looks terrible.
Sound: Great soundtrack and a good cast of actors add a lot to the overall score.
For how long ?: The world here does not touch. You don’t want to explore it, you don’t want to look for “Easter eggs” or just wander in it.