Third Place Winner

Angie Bronk, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire.

Santorini, Greece

Photo of Santorini, Greece by Angie Bronk.

My biggest wish for years was to go to Greece. In fact, I wanted to go so badly that I decorated my bedroom in Greek colors, read Greek books, and printed pictures of Greece that I hung on my wall. I worked three jobs while going to school in an effort to pay for a plane ticket and living costs. One day, I saw an international internship meeting notice on a whiteboard at school. I checked the database of internships everyday, but there were no Greece options. On my birthday, an internship in my field was posted. I interviewed, got the job, and got on my plane months later. The feeling I had when I took this picture in Santorini was incredible. I snapped this beautiful picture, and realized I had made my dreams into a reality. That is the most incredible feeling someone can ever feel.

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