What to Know Before You Study Abroad in Mexico

Mexico is a country with a population as diverse as its landscapes. This variety makes Mexico an excellent learning environment and a great study abroad destination.

With its rich, diverse culture and fascinating history, many foreign students choose to study abroad in Mexico at one of its many universities or language schools. Mexico is sure to offer students an exciting and fulfilling study abroad experience.

Education in Mexico

Since the early 1970s, Mexico’s higher education system has expanded tremendously. This is the result of social reform and an entirely new regulation system.

Mexico has about 1,250 institutions dedicated to higher education. Most of these are vocational schools and other technical schools. In addition to these various schools and colleges, there are 56 public universities. Most of these have received autonomous status, meaning that they supervise their own programs, budgets and teaching personnel.

This public universities are regarded as more prestigious and desirable for students.

The autonomous universities are equivalent to regionally accredited universities in the United States.

Application and Admissions to Study Abroad in Mexico

Since the autonomous universities are self-regulating, each institution’s application and admissions process will vary. The best thing to do is contact the university where you want to study abroad to find out what is required. Generally, admittance to a Mexican university will require qualifications similar to the admission standards in the United States.

Students who decide to study abroad in Mexico will need professional translations of their personal documents.

Regular courses will be conducted in Spanish. Most programs require a proficiency test before being admitted.

Almost every university in the US has an office of international education. If students are currently enrolled in a US university, check with this office to see if it can give further direction to study abroad in Mexico. This office also will be able to provide students with information about study abroad programs at Mexican universities.

Tuition and Costs to Study Abroad in Mexico

Tuition and the cost of living will vary depending on the study abroad program and its location. Students can expect to pay between US $4,500 and $5,500 per semester to study abroad in Mexico. This cost usually covers tuition, supplies, housing, meals and excursions.

The Mexican government also requires proof that a student will have access to at least US $350 per month.

Language Schools in Mexico

For students seeking to study abroad in Mexico only to study Spanish, Mexico offers a variety of language schools. At these schools, students learn Spanish through immersion.

Classes are offered at beginner and intermediate levels. Tuition varies from school to school and is usually based on weekly sessions. Students will need to contact the institution to determine all costs but can expect to pay between US $600 and $1,000, depending on the intensity of the course.

Student Visa to Study Abroad in Mexico

To obtain an FM3 nonimmigrant student visa, students will need to apply at a Mexican consulate office and submit their FM3 application, acceptance letter, valid passport, copy of the information pages, and a financial resources document stating the student will receive at least US $350 per month.

Students also must have a consular visa fee of US $36, fill out and submit a Form FM1 in Spanish (available only at the consulate) and provide several front-view and profile passport-size photos. Always check with the consulate for exact requirements.

Mexico is a great place to study abroad because of the language and the culture. If a Mexican university ends up being your education destination, take the time to enjoy your experience!