In What Country Do You Want to Study Abroad?

If you can think of a country where you want to study, you can probably find a study abroad program to accommodate you. With so many options, you will want to consider what you’re looking to gain before you choose a country.

If you’re adventurous, choosing the country where you want to study abroad might be the last thing you want to decide!

Language in the Country Where You Study Abroad

One of the most popular reasons to study abroad is to learn or practice a foreign language. If you are studying a foreign language, choosing a country where you can learn that language through immersion is an excellent reason to study abroad.

Your level of proficiency in the language will not matter. A placement test will determine at what level you will start. Generally, you will have to complete some initial coursework in the language before you start the language courses.

Culture Where You Study Abroad

If improving your foreign language skills is not one of your study abroad goals, you might want to consider a country whose culture interests you. Even if you do not speak or are not studying the language, the option to study in a non-English speaking country is still feasible. Many foreign universities offer programs in which a variety of courses are taught in English.

Wanting to learn firsthand about the history, politics and economics of a country is a great reason to choose a country to study abroad.

Environment of Your Study Abroad Program

Possibly one of the most overlooked factors is the actual environment in which you want to study. Remember that you’ll be living in the country for a year in most cases. If the language isn’t a barrier or consideration, consider what different countries can offer you regarding your goals and needs for studying abroad.

Some aspects to consider are geological and geographical locations. This includes whether the university is in a major urban center, suburb or rural area; what the local weather conditions will be like year-round; if the country will benefit you in your course of studies; and if you are even permitted to travel there!

When you’ve decided on a country you should definitely talk to students who lived in that country– preferably students who studied through the same study abroad program. Their insight and experience will indicate what you can expect. Whatever country you choose, when you study abroad you are guaranteed an exciting learning opportunity.