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Studying Abroad for US Students

Becoming an international student by participating in a study abroad program can open your eyes to a new culture and to new ideas. Whether you’re gone for a semester, a year or for a whole degree program, you’ll return to the United States with a better understanding of international views. Learn the first steps of going to school in another country, how to adjust once you are there and what you must remember when you return home.

How to Study Abroad

Determine when you want to study abroad and learn how to apply. Choosing the country where you will study and the school or program you will attend is a big decision. We’ll tell you what to consider.

Once You are Abroad

Find out how international students can adjust to life abroad. Also learn about money issues you should be aware of and how to balance your classes with your study abroad experience.

Returning to the US After You are Abroad

Coming home can be just as challenging as leaving. Learn how to readjust to the United States, and don’t forget to follow-up with university officials to make sure they have the information they need to transfer your course credits from abroad.