The interpreters of University Language Services are screened not only for their bilingual skills, but also for their knowledge of appropriate protocol.

University Language Services provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

In addition, University Language Services offers sign language interpreting throughout the continental US.

Our interpreters have facilitated more than 100,000 proceedings and student evaluations.

Moreover, through our international affiliates, University Language Services provides interpreters in most locations around the world.

Our interpreters are not only experts in the techniques of interpreting but also are sensitive to the cultural pitfalls of communicating in a diverse linguistic environment.

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Situations That May Require an Interpreting Service Include:

  • academic testing (i.e. test interpreting)
  • formal hearings
  • parent-teacher conferences
  • school assemblies

Specialized Interpreting Services Developed by University Language Services Include:

  • Phone Assist©, which allows educators to converse with a foreign language speaker by telephone
  • Schedule Assist©, which helps administrators schedule hearings, evaluations, and interventions with foreign language speakers.

In addition, University Language Services offers conference services, including simultaneous interpreters, audiovisual equipment and qualified engineers for onsite support.

Please contact us about your special interpreting needs and how we can be of service.