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Spring 2015 Scholarship Photo Contest

Through their cameras and their writing, college students from around the world told us what they think can be learned by studying abroad.

Entrants submitted photos and short descriptions regarding their study abroad experiences, and through their stories our users got a taste of living all over the world, from England to China to Brazil.

This contest’s Grand Prize winner is Catherine Warmuth, for her photo and description of Kyoto, Japan.

In her description, Catherine Wrote, “The only difference between everyone is culture. We have different education systems, business platforms, and financial tactics, but, beneath the apparent differences, human beings share the same worries and the same dreams. As my year in Japan progressed, I found that the key to discovering commonalities within world cultures is simply to listen and to look beneath the surface of diversity.”

$500 Grand Prize Winner:

Second Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Jessica Wallach, Carnegie Mellon University, studied abroad in Muscat, Oman.

Third Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Angie Bronk, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, studied abroad in Santorini, Greece.

Twelve entrants were awarded honorable mentions:

  • Meredith Allen
  • Jackie Anyaso
  • Erika Fennelly
  • Amber Gallant
  • Samantha Hudson
  • Linghua Jiang
  • Kalen Koch
  • Rosa Metz
  • Jayne Pilachowski
  • Catherine Rice
  • Sarah Stevenot
  • Wei-hsuan Tsui