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Spring 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship Contest

The University Language Services scholarship contest always garners beautiful photos from around the world, and 2013 was no exception.

This year we asked college students who were currently studying abroad, had studied abroad in the past or had chosen a study abroad program that they would soon be embarking on, to:

Submit a photo you’ve taken, along with a description of no more than 200 words on why that photo makes you glad you decided to study abroad.

Henrietta Conrad, a member of the class of 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa., won the grand prize $500 scholarship for her photo of an Afro-Brazilian woman standing in a doorway.

In her winning entry, Henrietta wrote:

“The woman in the doorway sent a powerful message to me that day: you can’t chose to represent one heritage over the other, you must represent both of them equally and you can be beautiful while doing so. The Afro-Brazilian culture in Salvador is an inspiration to me and so are the women who embrace their mixed heritages and identities.”

Congratulations to Henrietta and to all of our winners!

Grand Prize Winner of a $500 Scholarship:

  • Henrietta Conrad, Carnegie Mellon Class of 2016, studied abroad in Salvador, Brazil

Second Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Shirley Zhao, Babson College Class of 2016, studied abroad in New Delhi, India

Third Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Elena Herfi, Michigan State University Class of 2014, studied abroad in Casablanca, Morocco

Twelve Photos Were Awarded Honorable Mention:

ULS also awarded 12 honorable mentions to the following entrants:

  • Carrie Blackeye, class of 2013 at Southern Utah University
  • Nicole DeMarco, class of 2015 at College of Charleston
  • Mara Denny, class of 2014 at Florida State University
  • Mary Farr, class of 2014 at the University of Georgia
  • Stephanie Long, class of 2016 at the University of Arkansas
  • Andrew Noonoo, class of 2015 at Colombia University
  • Stephanie Ogwo, class of 2015 at Duke University
  • Rebecca Rosenthal, class of 2015 at Claremont McKenna College
  • Victoria Russo, class of 2016 at Syracuse University
  • Michelle Saucier, class of 2015 at Georgia Southern University
  • Jaclyn Tolchin, class of 2014 at the Univerity of Michigan
  • Liliana Urbain, class of 2014 at Lewis and Clark College
*The content submitted expresses the opinions of the contest participants, and does not necessarily reflect the views of University Language Services. Each participant is solely responsible for the information and/or analysis of their submitted content.