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Spring 2011 Scholarship Photo Contest

We asked college students what inspired them to study abroad, and the number photos and descriptions we received certainly gave us a lot of answers!

From pictures of landscapes and people to architecture and nature, each submission provided a window into another world, as well as articulated what study abroad is all about.

The instructions for this contest were:

Submit a photo you’ve taken, along with a 200-word description of why that photo illustrates your inspiration for studying abroad.

The grand prize $500 scholarship winner was Alexia Beghi, a senior at California Polytechnic State University. During her study abroad in Florence, Italy, she photographed the Santa Croce Church at twilight, a popular landmark that she walked past every day.

Combined with the dazzling picture, her words show the personal fulfillment she gained from her study abroad: “Home, to some, is the house they live in. To me, it’s the place that captures my heart, where my friends are my family. Thousands of miles away on a little country shaped like a boot, I found that home.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize Winner of a $500 Scholarship:

  • Alexia Beghi, California Polytechnic State University class of 2011, studied abroad in Florence, Italy

Second Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Amber Kubik, Texas State University class of 2011, will study abroad in Lima, Peru

Third Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • Jason Loose, Arizona State University class of 2012, studied abroad in Beijing, China

Nine Photos Were Awarded Honorable Mention:

ULS also awarded nine honorable mentions to the following entrants:

  • Jessica Gliserman, 2013 graduate of William Jewell College
  • Natalia Millin, 2012 graduate of the University of Dayton
  • Elena Crecelius, 2012 graduate of Willamette University
  • Elizabeth Topolosky, 2014 graduate of Gettysburg College
  • Alexandra Coles, 2013 graduate of Arizona State University
  • Brianna Dawkins, 2013 graduate of Seattle Pacific University
  • Chelsea Feil, 2012 graduate of Boise State University
  • Cassandra Lombardi, 2012 graduate of Fordham University
  • Kyly Hawk, 2013 graduate of the University of Arkansas
*The content submitted expresses the opinions of the contest participants, and does not necessarily reflect the views of University Language Services. Each participant is solely responsible for the information and/or analysis of their submitted content.