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Fall 2013 Scholarship Photo Contest

By using both pictures and words, high school students from all over the US answered the question “What does college mean to you?”

To enter the ULS scholarship photo contest, students had to submit a photo taken while on a college visit, accompanied by a 100-200 word description which explained why that photo represents what college means to them.

This year’s Grand Prize winner is Kristin Stolzenberg, for her photo of a campus building at the University of Delaware.

While getting lost on her college visit, Kristin realized that “this is what college is for, not only to further your education, but to find yourself. I realized that all of the students in college must have felt lost too at first, yet began to find their way, both to their classes as well as finding themselves as people.”

$500 Grand Prize Winner

  • Kristin Stolzenberg, a senior at South River High School in Maryland, for her photo of the University of Delaware, Newark.

$100 Winners

Notable Entries

Honorable mentions were awarded to:

  • Allison Carey, of Stem, NS; photo of Meredith College
  • Rebecca Dolloff, of Canastota, NY; photo of SUNY ESF
  • Daniel Espino, of Mesa, AZ; photo of Stanford University
  • Nicole Hensley, of Mooresville, NC; photo of Clemson University
  • Tyler Hoskins, of Crossville, TN; photo of University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • Cindy Li, of Cerritos, CA; photo of Stanford University
  • Chantal Mihailovic, of Bradenton, FL; photo of Florida State University
  • Brooke Snyder, of Chalfont, PA; photo of Champlain College
  • Victoria Stearns, of Naples, FL; photo of Auburn University
  • Rylee Stoulil, of Kansas City, MO; photo of University of Missouri – Columbia
  • Elizabeth Wilson, of Orlando, FL; photo of the University of Virginia
  • Jessica Wilson, of Madison, AL; photo of Auburn University

ULS would like to wish the best of luck to all of our scholarship contest entrants as they prepare for college!

*The content submitted expresses the opinions of the contest participants, and does not necessarily reflect the views of University Language Services. Each participant is solely responsible for the information and/or analysis of their submitted content.