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Alisa Vinje

 University of North Dakota campus

By Alisa Vinje, Class of 2014 at Kentlake High School, Kent, WA. Photo of the University of North Dakota, in Grand Forks.

To me, going to college is a fresh and new experience. You learn to live on your own, make impactful decisions about your future, and discover what inspires you as a human being. I envision my college experience to be an adventure. Meeting people from all over the country, developing towards my career, and most likely making mistakes (hopefully for my own benefit).

During my sister’s orientation for the University of North Dakota, I stumbled across the scene shown in this picture. In a beautiful park on campus, there was a man currently enrolled at the school. Minding his own business and enjoying the serenity of the day, he read his textbook. Glancing up to spot that one obnoxious bird, he paused a moment at us taking pictures and gawking at the general vibe of the campus. Upon eye contact, he smiled genuinely and continued with his book. No words were exchanged. Just a smile.

The feel of this campus was incredible. Friendly, calming, independent, and simple. My image of college does not carry drama, rivalries, or discrimination. It is one where you can do your own thing in a crowd and be perfectly content. A future I truly anticipate.