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University Language Services

Fall 2012 Scholarship Photo Contest

High school students from throughout the US responded when University Language Services put out a call to see college through their eyes.

To enter the ULS scholarship photo contest, high school students were asked to submit a photo they took during a college campus visit and describe in no more than 200 words how that photo represents college to them.

Wesley Adrianson, from Sherman Oaks, CA, won the $500 grand prize scholarship for a photo he took of a student looking at the Golden Gate Bridge at the University of California, Berkeley.

“In many ways,” Adrianson wrote, “universities are also bridges. Teens become adults. Students become scholars. Society becomes better.”

Grand Prize Winner:

Wesley Adrianson, a senior at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA, for his photo of the University of California, Berkeley.

ULS awarded $100 Scholarships to:

Second place winner Alisa Vinje, a junior at Kentlake High School in Kent, WA, for her photo of the University of North Dakota, in Grand Forks, ND.

Third place winner Kelsey Tyler, a senior at River Hill High School, Clarksville, MD, for her photo of Yale University, in New Haven, CT.

Notable Entries

Honorable mentions were awarded to:

Lauren Auster, of Lake Zurich, IL; photo of the University of Rochester
Iain Forrest, of Bethesda, MD; photo of the University of Virginia
Kevin Hernandez, of Monona, WI; photo of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Rachel LaBrecque, of Allendale, MI; photo of Ferris State University
Alison Lee, of Cerritos, CA; photo of Princeton University
Dina Levashova, of San Jose, CA; photo of the University of California, San Diego
Monica Li, of San Antonio, TX; photo of Rice University
Kassidy Manuel, of Hoschton, GA; photo of Georgia Gwinnett College
Lacy Matusek, of Fayetteville, GA; photo of Appalachian State University
Julianne McAdams, of Weston, FL; photo of Brown University
Julia Ribas, of Dallas, TX; photo of Southern Methodist University
Emily Sachs, of Palm City, FL; photo of the University of Southern California

University Language Services wishes the best of luck to all of our scholarship contest entrants as they prepare for college!

*The content submitted expresses the opinions of the contest participants, and does not necessarily reflect the views of University Language Services. Each participant is solely responsible for the information and/or analysis of their submitted content.