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Sarah Hollenbeck

Sarah Hollenbeck: North Carolina State University

By Sarah Hollenbeck, 2010 Graduate of Green Hope High School, Morrisville, NC. Photo of North Carolina State University.

This picture is of the Free Expression Tunnel at North Carolina State University. This is a tunnel where anyone on campus can go to express his or herself through “legal graffiti”. This picture to me represents creative expression and the uniquely diverse environment that college provides. People come from across the country and even the world to attend a specific college. This creates a very diverse and culturally developed college experience for all of the students. Art is one of the very few things in the world that no two people do exactly the same. People have similar clothing styles, taste in food, cars, hair colors, and grades. However, no two people create art in the same way, and to me that is symbolic of the sundry college atmosphere. I will be attending N.C. State in the Fall and one of the reasons I chose that university is because of how strongly everyone there embraces difference and self-expression. To me, college is a time of self-discovery and a period of change. When I look at this picture I see the representations of so many personalities, memories, and changed lives. This to me represents a feeling of acceptance and unity.