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Fall 2010 Scholarship Photo Contest

What does college mean to students? We certainly got our share of answers when we asked high school students to show us!

Photos of artwork, architecture, musical instruments, football fields and everything in between poured in from entrants all over the country.

The instructions for this contest were:

Submit a photo you’ve taken while visiting a college campus, along with a 200-word description of why that photo represents college to you.

Sarah Hollenbeck, a 2010 graduate of Green Hope High School, won the first place $500 prize in University Language Services’ fourth scholarship contest. She submitted a photo that she took at North Carolina State University, which she then went on to attend.

The photo was of the Free Expression Tunnel, “where anyone on campus can go to express his or herself through ‘legal graffiti.'”

The emphasis on being a part of a community in which freedom of expression is encouraged was a theme that was echoed by the other winners as well.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize Winner of a $500 Scholarship:

  • Sarah Hollenbeck, 2010 graduate of Green Hope High School,  Morrisville, NC (now attends North Carolina State University)

Second Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

  • David Matthews, 2011 graduate of Stevenson High School, Pebble Beach, CA

Third Place Winner of a $100 Scholarship:

Fourteen Photos Were Awarded Honorable Mention:

We also awarded fourteen honorable mentions to the following entrants:

  • Lindsay Caplan, 2011 graduate of Carver Center for Arts and Technology, Towson, MD
  • Kevin Dam, 2011 graduate of Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School, Washington, NJ
  • Miranda Ehrlich, 2011 graduate of Wayzata High School, Plymouth, MN
  • Brooke Gentry, 2011 graduate of Memorial High School, Houston, TX
  • Lauren Glennon, 2011 graduate of Ashbrook High School, Gastonia, NC
  • Lauren Griffith, 2011 graduate of De Paul Catholic High School, Wayne, NJ
  • Allison Hanrahan, 2011 graduate of Randolph High School, Randolph, NJ
  • Kelsey Klarman, 2011 graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory, Towson, MD
  • Gigi Leal, 2010 graduate of Notre Dame San Jose, San Jose, CA (now attends San Jose State University)
  • Diana Tao, 2011 graduate of C. Leon King High School, Tampa, FL
  • Corina Walbert, 2010 graduate of Montgomery Area High School, Montgomery, PA (now attends Savannah College of Art and Design)
  • Emily Wong, 2010 graduate of Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA (now attends Harvard University)
  • Emma Young, 2010 graduate of Rampart High School, Colorado Springs, CO (now attends University of Southern California)
  • Yalun Zhang, 2012 graduate of Walnut High School, Walnut, CA

Here are an additional 101 of our favorite submissions!

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We wish each of the winners and everyone who entered the scholarship contest the best of luck in their studies!

*The content submitted expresses the opinions of the contest participants, and does not necessarily reflect the views of University Language Services. Each participant is solely responsible for the information and/or analysis of their submitted content.