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Spring 2009 Scholarship Essay Contest

Entries to University Language Services’ spring 2009 scholarship essay contest poured in from students who have studied around the world.

Like those of the inaugural 2008 contest, the submissions by students who have studied in two or more countries were just as fascinating, and the winners were just as difficult to choose.

The scholarship essay contest topic for spring 2009 was:

“When you arrived in the US after studying for two or more years in another country, what did you expect from your US college, university or high school? Have your expectations been met?”

Mingzhu Li arrived from China to her American high school excited and ready to practice English.

Verbal communication was easier than she expected, but Li doubted her ability to write in English when she was assigned her first in-class essay.

“I stared at the cryptic words of the assignment blindly and tried to believe that some magic would happen and those words would start to speak and tell me their Chinese definitions,” she wrote.

After completing the assignment with a better-than-expected grade, Li began to have faith in herself once again.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Grand Prize Winner of a $500 Scholarship:

  • Mingzhu Li, Amhert College (also studied in China)

Three Runners-Up Received a $100 Scholarship:

  • 1st Runner Up: Ana Dal Molin, Texas A&M University (also studied in Brazil)
  • 2nd Runner Up: Elizabeth Syrkin, University of Virginia (also studied in France, Germany and Russia)

Four Essays Were Awarded Honorable Mention:

  • Erika Ito, Abilene Christian University (also studied in Japan)
  • Bianca Kemp, American University in Cairo (also studied in Spain and Egypt)
  • Romy Misra, Texas A&M University (also studied in India)
  • Anja Zgodic, Providence College (also studied in Quebec, Canada)

Please note that English is the second (or third, or fourth … ) language of many of our entrants, and University Language has not made any spelling and grammar changes to their essays.

We wish each of the winners and everyone who entered the scholarship contest the best of luck in their studies.