Boost Your Internship Resume with These Guidelines

Your resume for an internship can speak volumes, even if you have little work experience. Finding an internship is a great way to test various fields, discover new jobs you might be interested in, or gain valuable experience in your areas of interest.

Follow these guidelines to create an internship resume that not only looks professional, but also demonstrates your abilities and skills – even without a professional background.

Format, Font & Contact Information

Make sure that the layout of your heading is legible and that your formatting is uncluttered – a clean design will attract hiring managers to your internship resume.

When looking to hire interns, employers are often interested in local applicants – those who live in the area tend to imply more flexibility in work hours and lower transportation costs. If your home or university address is far from the company’s location, list an alternate address nearby where they can contact you.

If you plan to relocate for the internship period, mention it in your resume. This shows your dedication to securing the job.


When you’re creating a resume for an internship, many of your achievements might be within your college or university. Use this section to highlight your academics and your activities within your school communities, whether it’s writing for the college newspaper or leading your high school debate team.

Even if your activities don’t apply directly to the internship you want, they show your involvement in your community and your dedication to your organizations. Make sure to note in your internship resume any leadership roles you held – your ability to organize and inspire other people is a great asset!

Work and Internship Experience

Maybe you had a part-time job before college, worked on campus for a professor, or baby-sat for a family on a regular basis. This is the section of your internship resume to include all of your work experience.

Because many interns have held few jobs (if any!), don’t worry if your previous positions differ from the internships you want.  Try to tailor your descriptions of the jobs to fit the internship you are looking for. For example, if you worked as a supervisor at an ice cream parlor, your experience managing a team might be more useful than your scooping technique – why not mention it?

Activities, Awards or Skills

Even if you haven’t used them in a professional setting, some activities and interests you take for granted might help you get an internship.

If you’ve taught yourself HTML or if you grew up speaking Spanish, remember that these skills can be very important for the right internship. If you’ve won a writing contest or an academic scholarship, use this section of your internship resume to show it off – these extracurricular activities for your resume are proof that you are capable of handling the stress of competition!

Resume References for Your Internship

Although many internship applications may not require them, resume references are a great way to let people know what you can do – even without job or internship experience. References on your resume allow employers to get a better idea of your personality and abilities. Include a list of two or three people that know your capabilities, along with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, at the bottom of your resume for an internship.

If you have had a job or internship experience in the past, your supervisor or boss is a great reference. If you haven’t, don’t worry! Your professors, college deans and academic advisers might also know a lot about you and how you work. Choose someone who you’ve interacted with often – not just in a lecture hall – and who will be able to give specific examples of your abilities.

Be sure to check with your references before putting them down on your internship resume – the more prepared they are, the better their recommendations will be!
Writing a resume for an internship can be a challenge, especially if you’re just beginning to enter the professional world. But there are many easy ways to make sure your resume gets noticed – and gets you the internship.