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SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions

Improve Your SAT Score

Let us help you raise your reading and writing scores with practice questions based on actual SAT tests!

Included in the reading and writing sections of the SAT are dozens of multiple-choice questions asking you to complete sentences, improve sentences or identify sentence errors.

Take our FREE practice quiz today, and get 100+ additional questions when you order our SAT Reading and Writing Quiz!


Complete the sentence.
Choose the option that best fills in the blanks.

Improve the sentence.
Choose the option that best corrects the underlined portion of each sentence. Option A is the original phrasing. Choose this if it is correct and none of the other options are better.

Find the error.
Each possible error is underlined and lettered. Select the letter that corresponds to the incorrect part of the sentence. If the sentence contains no errors, select option E. Only one answer per question is correct.

Match the word to the correct definition or the definition to the correct word.

(n.)= noun
(v.)= verb
(adj.)= adjective
(adv.)= adverb

**SAT is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this site.

SAT FREE Reading & Writing Practice Questions

  1. The students who had the flu had a(n) … reason for missing school. They normally have perfect attendance, and their absence that day was a(n) …

  2. The threat of rain didn’t … her stroll through the grounds. Even the first drops were no …, and she continued her walk.

  3. Jane is a(n) … student. She reads every page of her textbooks and studies for hours before every test.

  4. Although he was a(n) … and new at the game, Adam knew the others were playing incorrectly.

  5. The … party was boring, but impulsive Ann did her best to liven it up with her trademark … .

  6. She was at the top of the rollercoaster looking down and she was made to feel sick.

  7. He is the author that at the bookstore spoke.

  8. Chocolate, which is devoured by some people with a sweet tooth.

  9. The marching band, (A) which (B) performed in the parade (C) last Saturday, (D) are going to participate in a competition next month. (E) No error.

  10. The teacher demanded (A) that the students (B) enrolled in the afternoon math class bring (C) his or her supplies to school (D) each day. (E) No error.

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