Additional Certifications


Standard service includes one (1) digital PDF copy and one (1) hardcopy translation of your document set. If desired, please indicate the number of additional hardcopy translation sets you wish to receive.

By default, all of your hardcopy translations will be delivered to the same address. If you would like translations delivered to different addresses, you will have the opportunity to specify the additional address during the checkout process.

If you are ordering multiple additional document sets with multiple different addresses, please add a new “Additional Certification” item for each different address. All addresses will be specified during the checkout process.

Each additional document set costs only $19.95 if included in the original order. The cost of standard shipping is included in your price. Upon customer request, delivery can be made via Federal Express 3-Day Delivery, Federal Express Overnight or Federal Express International. These options incur additional charges.

Additional document sets requested at a later date will incur additional fees.