A long-term internship can prepare you for your future career.

Wonder how you’ll fare in the workforce? A long internship might be the right choice for you.

Whether for a semester or a year, long internships offer more depth in a job environment than you’ll get with a summer job or internship position. Your experience will look great when you’re writing a resume for a full-time entry-level position.

When you choose a long internship, you’ll also:

Join a select group.

Long internships attract the most dedicated applicants. Escape the competition for summer internships and consider a longer position.

Summer internships can fill up quickly with students out of class. Even when you’re still in school, long internships often have flexible hours and can fit around your classes, so you can beat the crowds and have a better chance of scoring the internship. Long internships are especially useful for recent college graduates looking to boost their resume.

You also often can get course credit for a long internship, allowing you to free up more time in your schedule. Ask your academic dean and employer if this is an option for your long internship.

Assume more responsibility.

Summer internships fly by so fast, it can seem like you’re leaving before you even start work. Long internships offer the opportunity to get involved on more substantial projects and become a more integral member of the company.

You can hone skills in a long internship that will enhance your resume and increase your ability to snag a job in the future. Plus, working longer at an internship position might make supervisors notice and appreciate your substantial accomplishments.

Expand your professional network.

Long internships are one of the best and easiest ways to meet professional contacts in your field of interest – and impress them with your abilities at the same time!

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job, a fellowship or another internship, longer internships allow you to create lasting bonds with coworkers and superiors that can be wonderful additions to your resume references and professional network.

The people that you meet during a long internship will know your abilities and can communicate your strengths to future employers. They might also connect you with other people in the industry who are looking for a new employee. A long internship can help you build and maintain these networking connections, an essential part of succeeding in the job market today.

Discover what you want in a job.

The opportunity to experience a work environment with a long internship can give you, as a student with limited career experience, a better idea of what you want when you’re ready to start your search for a full-time job.

Get a feel for what kinds of tasks you like working on and if you prefer working in teams or alone. You might feel pursuing different fields or positions after working at your internship for a long time.

Or it may be that you love the internship you have – in which case, a long internship gives you more time to win over your superiors and convince them to turn your internship experience into a full-time job!