5 Essential Steps to Acing Your Job Interview

Congratulations: You scored a job interview! Now what?

Prepare for your job interview carefully to make the most of your opportunity. Impress your employer in your job interview using these 5 interview tips:

1) Prepare your bag the night before the interview.

Being on time is crucial, so make sure you prepare everything you need for the job interview long before you go.

Bring a few copies of your paper resume – even if you’ve already sent it electronically. You’ll also need your college transcript, a notebook and pencil, the address of the company and the name of your interviewer. Get a good night’s sleep, know how you’ll dress for the job interview, and eat something beforehand so you have enough energy to prepare for the day ahead!

2) Practice describing yourself.

Everyone knows the first question in so many job interviews: “Tell me about yourself?”

But this question is more than just a cliche, and you should be prepared to hear it in your job interview.

Prepare for your job interview by practicing your answers to common self-reflective questions. Describe yourself and your career path, making sure to include the job you’re applying for in your long-term goals. Phrase your answers to emphasize in the job interview what you’ve done to become an excellent fit for the position – but always stay genuine and be yourself.

3) Research the company.

Shine in your job interview by showing your interest in and knowledge of the company through a little research beforehand.

Browse the company website to prepare for the job interview and see how they market themselves, who they work with, and who are the key people to know. If your interviewer mentions the president of marketing, you’ll want to be in the loop – and you’ll seem like an industry pro.

4) Review your resume before the interview.

Interviewers expect your job history to include skills their company can use, and they often will go over your resume in a job interview.

Prepare for your job interview by reviewing your past accomplishments and knowing what resume skills you learned from each position. In the job interview, impress your employer by discussing how those skills can benefit the company and the job you’re applying for.

5) Have questions prepared.

Have a few questions ready for your interviewer about the company or the particular position you want. Asking informed questions in your job interview demonstrates your knowledge and ensures your potential employer that you are invested in the company.

Good questions to prepare for your job interview should be things you can’t find on a company website. Questions about the structural organization of the staff, a typical day, or specific questions reflecting your knowledge of industry news can reveal the skills you listed on your resume.

After your job interview, remember to follow up with a thank you letter or email!