After your job interview, sending a thank you letter is crucial.

The formal job interview may be over, but sending a thank you letter to your potential employer is a critical step in the interview process.

It’s tempting to relax after a job interview – they can be exhausting! But even though you’re done preparing for the job interview, remember that your application is still being considered, and a thank you letter allows you to stay in contact while expressing your interest in a job.

How? A thank you letter:

1. Keeps you in mind

After you’ve finished job interview and responded to all those job interview questions, it might seem like there’s nothing more you can do to convince an interviewer to revisit your resume. A thank you letter, however, gives you one last chance to sell yourself.

In your thank you letter, express your gratitude and briefly remind your potential employer of your qualifications and what you could bring to the company. Summarizing the most important points you made during the job interview will leave the employer with an even firmer sense of your abilities.

2. Sets you apart

Thank you letters are easy to forget, so the majority of applicants never send them. Seize this chance to shine!

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is an easy way to make yourself stand out from the pack. Even if there are more qualified applicants, a simple letter can be one more point in your favor and put you one step closer to getting the job.

3. Gets personal

A thank you letter is a useful place to establish a connection with your interviewer. If he or she mentioned a new movie or an upcoming vacation in the job interview, mention that you saw the same film last night (but only if you did!) or wish them a pleasant flight. Your thank you letter will show that you’re a pleasant person to work with – not just another employee.

4. Opens future possibilities

Even if you had a great job interview, sometimes a position requires different skills or experiences than you can offer. But companies often will keep your resume on file after a job interview just in case you could fill other positions that become available later on in your student job search.

Thank you letters encourage your interviewer to consider you for future positions. Employers are more likely to remember you fondly and seek an outlet within the company for your skills, even if it’s for a different position.

5. Backs up your promises

Sending a thank you letter after a job interview is more than a courtesy. It also provides a great example of the qualities employers want to see in the workplace.

If you claim in your job interview or your resume cover letter to be a good communicator and team player, a thank you letter will demonstrate your dedication to fostering connections.

Make sure you pay just as much attention to your thank you letter as your other written materials like your resume and cover letter. Send your thank you letter the day after the job interview and relax knowing that you’ve done everything you can to get the position you want.