5 Tips to Help You Look Your Best at Your Job Interview

When you dress your best for a job interview, you make a positive first impression on your employer.

Clothes can make a powerful statement about who you are, so dressing appropriately for a job interview can show the recruiter how well you would fit into the company environment. Your resume skills, communication abilities, and professional experience are the focus in a job interview, but your dress can help support your achievements.

How do you know what to wear? Think about these 5 tips when you dress for your next job interview:

1. Match the job you want.

Dressing to match the job you’re applying for is an easy way to convince your interviewer that you’re right for the position. Think about the workplace and the level of formality that’s expected. What you would wear to a job interview at an investment bank isn’t what you would wear to an interview at the mall.

If you’re unsure about how people dress in the company, call ahead and ask the receptionist about general office attire. If in doubt, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed when preparing for your job interview. Dress a bit more formally and conservatively than you expect your interviewer to be – this shows you’re prepared and enthusiastic.

2. Find the perfect fit.

Being comfortable with the fit of your clothes is key to making you feel at ease during your job interview – and will make your interviewer comfortable too. Dress for your job interview in clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight, and that cover up inappropriately exposed skin.

Skirts cut at the knee or below and looser tops that cover your shoulders are job interview must-haves for girls. Guys should wear dress shirts that have enough room to move, and pants that sit comfortably on their waist. Keeping these rules in mind for your job interview will help you dress appropriately for any workplace.

3. Review your outfit.

Check your outfit the night before the job interview to make sure everything is clean and in good shape. Dressing in a pristine outfit for your interview tells an employer that you care about how you present yourself and will put the same effort into the work you do.

Remove stains and repair tears in your clothing – if they are too noticeable, choose another outfit. Your shoes should be polished and in good condition. Make sure you’re just as clean as your clothes – good hygiene is especially critical in the one-on-one setting of a job interview.

4. Remove distractions.

You want your interviewer to focus on you, not your outfit. By limiting distracting accessories during your job interview, you will keep your employer’s attention on your qualifications – and maintain your own concentration while answering the job interview questions as well.

Keep busy patterns, loud jewelry, and strong perfume or cologne to a minimum when dressing for your job interview. Pull long hair out of your face in a neat and simple style. Consider removing piercings and covering tattoos if they’re visible.

5. Be yourself.

How you dress for a job interview can make an employer more comfortable and show that you can adapt to a company’s style. But it’s also important to be yourself and reflect the unique abilities you would bring to a position.

Keep in mind these job interview tips, but wear something to your job interview that makes you feel happy and successful. If you dress for your job interview like you deserve the position, your interviewer just may agree.