Honorable Mention

Keath A. Vickery
Oklahoma State University

prayer locksThe Chinese culture is an amazing thing. Having the opportunity to study it and to be able to live within it and its people has been nothing short of wonderful.
These Prayer Locks are a symbol to the Chinese and its deep rooted belief in a culture several thousand years old. These locks, which span lengths of the Great Wall, hold a families prayers and dreams for their loved ones. The lock symbolizes the strength in the prayers which are intertwined within, and every time the wind blows over these Prayer Locks, the red ribbons securely tied to each lock, flutter in the breeze, releasing the prayer into the world, so it can be carried upon the wind to Heaven.
I love this photo; it expresses so much beauty about this old but flourishing belief system, which the Chinese hold strong to. While several western countries can’t quite seem to find much to believe in, these wonderful people can find so much hope in an enchanted lock upon the Great Wall.