Roselyn Castillo began her university studies in her small hometown in Venezuela. Even after moving to the country’s capital, she knew she wanted something more. That’s when she moved to America.

Honorable Mention

Roselyn Castillo
University of Pittsburgh

Following my Dreams

Achieving goals is an important part of living a well rounded and satisfying life. One needs to actively pursue their goals and continuously challenge themselves to be successful. To achieve goals, people have to work hard, be persistent and maintain focus. That is what I think about life; everyone has to have a purpose for living. The goals that I have set for myself inspire me to work hard each day in pursuit of the brightest possible future.
Planning for my future has helped to realize that I have a lot of talent to offer to this world. I want to make my contribution to society through communication. I want to provide fair and accurate accounts of any situation to the masses in a clear and concise manner. I want to convey important information to those that need it through all types of media and the latest available technology.
In pursuit of my dream, I began my studies in 2004 in my small and beautiful hometown of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela at Catholic University. I was working hard towards my goal but I wanted more than a small town could provide… In 2006, I transferred to the main campus in Caracas, Venezuela. My new city provided me with a more intense learning environment, access to the best mass communication companies, and an opportunity to prove that I could thrive while living on my own. I met interesting people, surrounded myself with culture, and made the most out of living in the big city. Yet, I still wanted more…
I wanted to learn English. I wanted to live in America. I wanted to follow my dream with the ability to communicate to the world in both languages- Spanish and English. Coincidentally January 2007, I got a letter from Cultural Care Au Pair that said, “Learn English and travel all over the United States.” I put my official studies on hold and packed my bags for America.
I came to Pittsburgh to live and work for an American family whom I had never met. I was terrified and excited at the same time. There was no reason to worry, my host family was amazing, and I really liked my job of babysitting their children. In addition to studying English, living and working with an American family was best way to work on my new language.
I fell in love with Pittsburgh. In many ways, Pittsburgh seems like my hometown with rivers, bridges, and steel companies. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with many wonderful cultural experiences. Pittsburgh feels like home to me.
Pittsburgh is diverse in culture, languages, and friendly and interesting people here. I have met and befriended so many people from all over the world. Most of us do not speak English as our native language but we challenge each other by communicating only in English. This is important for people who want to improve their English and that is one of the reasons why I wish to finish my studies in Pittsburgh.
Most of the Universities in Pittsburgh has beautiful campus and buildings that make the students comfortable for studying. In addition, the debating activities and the coursework make the Department of Communication well-recognized and sought after. I have wanted to be a part of the university community since arriving in Pittsburgh and now I am ready!
Attending the University in Pittsburgh is going to help me to achieve my goal of studying communication at a great University in a beautiful city, and of improving my English. Although, I miss my town, my family, and my life back in Venezuela, I know that I will continue to thrive in Pittsburgh. Wherever I am, I can be whatever I want to be if I work hard, stay focused on my goals and continue to challenge myself.
With perseverance and an unwavering ambition, Roselyn is learning English and living in an American city that she loves. She found a way to study in America that works for her. Good luck to Roselyn at the University of Pittsburgh!