Earn academic credit for your courses in order to graduate.

Academic credit: It’s a college term you’ll hear constantly on your campus.Why? Because every student needs it!

What is academic credit?

Academic credit is the value assigned to each college course you take.

Why must you earn academic credit?

To graduate! The American college or university you attend will tell you the number of academic credits you need to earn a college degree.
Before you graduate, you probably will have to earn a specific number of academic credits in your college major (and college minor, if you have one) and a specific number of academic credits in other subjects.
For example, when you study in the US you may need to take science, math and literature classes to earn required academic credits in those fields, no matter what major you have declared.

How do you earn academic credit?

You earn academic credit by enrolling in and completing college or university courses with passing grades.
The amount of credit you receive after completing a course varies based on the length of the class.
Make sure you know how many credits (also known as “credit hours”) you have signed up for each term. You often must take at least a minimum number of credits in order to be a full-time student.

Where do you earn academic credit?

Attend classes at an accredited college or university.
Some students transfer their academic credit from one school to another. This is especially common for students who are attending a two-year community college and then want to transfer to a four-year college or university.
If you plan to transfer colleges, speak to your college advisor right away.


At many US colleges and universities, academic credit is available for courses ranging from advanced physics to swimming for beginners.
Make sure you know what types of credits you need to earn to graduate, and talk to your college advisor often. With some planning, you can earn your required academic credit while still taking classes you enjoy.