Consider these issues before choosing your US graduate school.

Are you deciding which US graduate schools to apply to? Remember to ensure that the graduate schools offer the classes you want, when you want to take them. No matter what your course of study or whether you will be a full-time or part-time student, you can find the perfect US graduate school for you by asking the right questions.

What Classes Are Offered by US Graduate Schools?

The most important thing to consider when judging US graduate schools is whether they offer classes in your specific area of study. Look at a school’s list of courses and determine how many are in your field.

  • Be certain that several options are available within your field of study. For example, if you want to research a 20th century poet but aren’t sure which one, be sure the school has faculty on staff with interests in US and non-US poets.
  • You may also want to investigate who teaches the classes. In particular, are they taught by tenured faculty or by junior faculty? Do doctoral candidates teach classes?
  • If you visit the campuses of US graduate schools, try to sit in on a few classes. You will get a better sense of how the classes are conducted and the average class size.

When Are Classes Held?

Consider whether the graduate classes are offered in the morning, afternoon or evening. This becomes even more significant if you have a job or are planning to attend school only part-time.

  • Does the school offer Saturday courses?
  • Do the classes fit in with your work schedule, your childcare needs or other responsibilities?
  • Is part-time study an option?

Are Graduate School Classes Offered at Other Locations?

Some schools offer graduate programs at branch campuses or other locations. Taking online classes also might be an option. One caveat: Online classes won’t offer as much time in-person with a professor, if any at all. Also, you likely won’t have much access to resources at a traditional campus, such as an extensive library.

Other Considerations for US Graduate Schools

Employ your research skills to find what US graduate schools fit your interests and goals.