Get academic credit for college courses taken outside the US.

Transferring college credits from another country not only can save you money, but also it can prevent you from spending hours in a classroom relearning information you already know.

If you want college credit for coursework you have completed in another country, you first must check the rules at the college or university where you want to study in America.

Not all colleges will accept the credits, but many at least will give you advanced academic standing if the requirements are satisfied.

Ask Your College Administrator About Transferring College Credits

The US education system differs from those in other countries. The policies for transferring college credits will vary at schools throughout the US.

The best way to find out about transferring college credits by contacting the colleges and universities in America you want to attend. This is true whether you are trying to transfer college credits between two US schools,  or between a US college and a college in another country.

Not all credits will transfer.
If your US college has a relationship with the school you attended in the US or another country, transferring college credits should be a lot easier.

If a relationship is not already established, you will need to provide the US college with your transcript and possibly a portfolio of your previous coursework, as well as a course evaluation.

Will Your Credits Transfer to a US College?

A US college may accept credits from another institution if they meet or exceed the standards established at your college.

US colleges will review your transcripts, looking at:

  • your previous courses
  • grades
  • exam marks
  • years attended
  • degree type

Your college may require an English translation of your transcript. The college may also require an independent course evaluation.

If your college decides your previous coursework is equal to or exceeds its coursework, you will receive academic credit or advanced academic standing.

Your US college will tell you what documents and transcripts you must submit to determine what credits will transfer. Generally, it is a good idea to start this process about 8 to 12 months before the date you want to start.

Transferring college credits to the US requires research and good planning; however, it is well worth your time. Successfully transferring college credits can prevent you from taking a similar class all over again, and save you a lot of time and money.