Use one application to apply to 46 schools.

Do you want to apply to several colleges but don’t want to fill out several applications?

The Universal College Application might be the answer. Find out if it’s a good option for you before you ask the colleges and universities you want to attend if they accept it.

What Is the Universal College Application?

The Universal College Application was launched in 2007 to give students another (and some say, easier) way to apply to college.

Students can use this one application to apply to dozens of colleges and universities. Some schools, however, still may require additional paperwork or materials, such as a college admissions essay or a recommendation letter.

The premise of the Universal College Application wasn’t new. The Common Application was introduced in 1975, and students also use it to apply to multiple colleges and universities with only one form.

Why Use the Universal College Application?


  • Colleges and universities that accept the Universal College Application must sign a pledge to treat it the same as other applications.
  • You can send the same application to multiple schools, or you can alter it before forwarding it to another college or university.
  • The Universal College Application is free, although you still must pay the normal application fee to each college or university you apply to.

Who Accepts the Universal College Application and the Common Application?

The Common Application still leads the way in the number of colleges and universities that accept it: about 500.

But the Universal College Application is catching up.

The number of schools using it continues to increase, and it now is accepted by more than 40 colleges and universities throughout the country (including the University of Chicago, Princeton University and Brandeis University).

Some schools accept both the Universal College Application and the Common Application in addition to the college or university’s own application.

Before applying to any college, confirm with the school’s admission office which applications they accept, whether its the universal application, the common application, or something else altogether.

The Universal College Application and the Common Application are designed to ease the process of applying to college.

Filling out a college application, however, still will take time and thought. Start well in advance of the application deadline.

Remember: The long process will seem well worth it when you receive your college acceptance letter!