US colleges and universities sometimes require both SAT and SAT II test scores.

When a US college asks for SAT II test scores, that doesn’t mean you have to take the SAT twice (although you can!).

An SAT II Subject Test (also known as an SAT Subject Test) is completely different than the SAT exam. SAT II test scores supplement your SAT and show colleges and universities that you excel in certain subjects.

What is an SAT II test?

An SAT II test is shorter than the standard SAT and is focused on a specific subject. Some US colleges and universities request an SAT II test score in addition to an SAT score.

An SAT II test never replaces the SAT.Each SAT II is multiple choice and lasts one hour.

In what subjects can you take an SAT II test?

Should you take an SAT II test?

You certainly should take an SAT II test if the college or university you are applying to requires it. Some schools require applicants to complete more than one SAT II test.

Even if an SAT II test isn’t a requirement, you still may want to take one. At some schools, a minimum score can exempt you from beginner-level college courses in that subject. In any case, an SAT II test score can help a college or university get a better idea of your academic strengths.

The SAT II test is a specific requirement at some colleges and universities. Others recommend it but don’t require it. Still others don’t mention it at all.

Unsure if an SAT II test is right for you? Ask a college admissions officer how (and if!) SAT II scores are used in the admissions process. You can also ask your high school teachers to help you prepare for an SAT II test.