Remember these supplies when you pack for your US college or university.

The first supply you will need for college: a suitcase.

After that is full, you will still probably need a box or two to pack for college! No matter what you use, be sure you have the following items by the first day of classes.

Supplies to Pack for Your College Classes

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Highlighters
  • Recorder
  • Backpack

If your suitcase is already ripping at the seams, you can easily purchase these supplies at a nearby convenience store or online (college bookstores will also have these items, but probably charge you an insane amount). And don’t forget to buy a recorder to tape your lectures.

Buy a folder and notebook for each class you are taking in order to stay organized while in college. In addition, highlighting text in your notes or college textbooks will remind you what is important and what you should review later.

Don’t forget to bring pencils to class, even if you normally take notes with a pen. Students can use only pencils on some standardized tests.

Supplies to Pack for a College Dorm Room

  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Appliances, such as a microwave or mini-refrigerator
  • Television / DVD player
  • Bedding
  • Bathroom and shower supplies, including flip-flops
  • Photos

You will probably want your own computer. If you don’t have one, college campuses and public libraries  will often have computers you can use. Just remember: If you use public computers, you likely won’t have 24-hour access.

Remember to pack a set of headphones as well. You might love rap and hard rock; your roommates might not.

Some US college dorms are equipped with small appliances, such as a microwave and mini-refrigerator. If not, check with your roommates before you buy them or other electronic equipment. The last thing you need is four televisions in an already crowded room!

You will also need to pack your own bedding. Ask a college official about the size of your bed so that you don’t pack a sheet that is too large or (worse) too small.

Bathroom and shower supplies are a must, as is a container in which to store and carry them if your dorm has shared bathrooms. You also will need to pack your own towels and washcloths.
Finally, be sure to pack photos of your family and friends to liven up your desk. They will also make your room seem a bit more like home.

Supplies to Pack for Everyday Needs

  • Identification
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Money

Keep a form of identification nearby at all times. Even if you don’t want to get a US driver’s license, you might want to consider getting a US identification card. These look similar to a license and can be purchased at the same office.

The weather will vary considerably based on the location of your college. Ask a college official about the climate in your area of the country.

No matter what, pack a couple of items of clothing for blazing summers, freezing winters and pounding rain. Even the hottest places in the US can get cold, and vice versa.

Of course, you also should have US currency for books, supplies, emergencies and, yes, also for fun! If you’re an international student, consider opening a US bank account to manage your money and for quick and easy access to your cash.

The most important thing to pack for college is something you can’t buy at any store: an open mind. The ability to be ready and willing to try new things will make your college experience much more rewarding.