Ask yourself 5 questions as you plan spring, summer or winter break travel.

School breaks mean one thing for many colleges: student travel.

Spring, summer and winter breaks often fall around US national holidays and are the perfect times for an international student to step beyond college student housing. No matter your budget or time constraints, you can find the perfect location to explore – and relax before the start of another term!

1. How much time do you have to travel?

You have more student travel options if you have more time.

A student can travel across the country and explore a new city with a free week (or even a three- or four-day weekend). If you have one or two days to spare, you will probably want to stay closer to the location of your college.

2. How do you want to travel to your destination?

If you are traveling with a group of students and plan to split the cost of gas, driving nearly always will be cheaper than any other type of transportation. Just make sure at least one of you has the appropriate paperwork in order to legally drive in America, such as a US driver’s license.

Driving may seem more inexpensive if you travel by yourself, but consider your options carefully. High gas prices may mean a plane ticket, bus ride or train journey actually is cheaper.

Trains and buses connect many large cities in the US and sometimes provide student travel discounts.

3. Who will travel with you?

Traveling with a group of students can help you save on transportation and/or hotel costs. If you plan to fly, however, try to book your tickets in a group in order to be seated on the same flight.

4. When will you travel?

Climates vary widely throughout the US. The weather may be sunny and warm in Arizona at the same time it is bitterly cold in the northern reaches of Minnesota.

Find the average temperatures of the locations you are thinking about visiting before you decide to travel there.

5. And finally … where will you travel?

Your options are endless. Whether you are looking for sun, snow, deserts or forests, your ideal travel destination is just a plane (or car) ride away.

You can join other students and lounge on Florida beaches, ski the slopes of Colorado or explore New York City, San Francisco, Chicago or another metropolitan area.

Happy travels!