10 Easy Tips to Help You Do Well on Your Next Standardized Test

Nervous about taking your standardized test? That’s normal. But by following these 10 standardized test tips, you can increase your confidence and feel prepared for the SAT or ACT, GRE or GMAT, TOEFL or other college admissions test!

1. Study.

Buy a test book, take an online test or find a tutor. Choose the way to study that works best for you, and start months before you take your standardized test. You will feel more comfortable if you know what to expect by preparing for the SAT or other test.

2. Learn How Your Score Will be Influenced by Guessing.

Some standardized tests, such as the GRE, discourage random guessing by subtracting a portion of the number of your incorrect answers from the total number of questions you get correct.
Other tests (like the SAT), however, simply count your total number of correct answers. On these tests, guessing actually could help you.
Either way, try to eliminate as many of your choices as you can in order to increase the odds of a correct answer.

3. Get Some Sleep!

Now is not the time to pull an all-nighter. Consider when you plan to take the test, and make sure it’s on a day when you can get enough rest. You will be able to concentrate much better if you are rested and refreshed when you take your standardized test.

4. Eat.

Fix yourself something before your standardized test that will fill your stomach and won’t make you too thirsty during the test. You don’t want to be thinking about your next meal when you should be thinking about English grammar on your ACT!

5. Bring Extra Pencils.

If you are taking a written test, extra sharpened pencils are a must. That way you won’t waste precious minutes finding another writing utensil if your pencil lead breaks or becomes too dull.

6. Arrive Early.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the location of your standardized test. You will feel much more prepared and ready to conquer the test!

7. Take a Deep Breath.

Clear your mind of other concerns and focus on your test.

8. Read the Directions.

No matter how many practice questions you’ve answered, be sure to read the directions of each section of your standardized test carefully.

9. Stay Calm.

Even if you encounter a question you don’t know the answer to – and you will – remain cool and composed.

10. Use Your Extra Time Wisely.

If you have completed your standardized test and you still have a few minutes remaining on the clock, review your answers if you can. You may have recorded an incorrect answer accidentally, and now is the time to fix it. Follow these 10 standardized test tips, and your test-taking experience will be a breeze. Good luck!