Spanish SAT Subject Test

The test is available in two forms: reading comprehension and reading with listening.

The Spanish SAT Subject Test is available in two forms: Spanish and Spanish with Listening. The former gauges how well you understand written Spanish, while the latter also features a section devoted to spoken Spanish.
The general Spanish exam contains 85 multiple-choice questions. Spanish with Listening contains reading questions plus a 20-minute audio portion. As with all SAT subject tests, you are given one hour for completion.

Understanding Spanish Vocabulary

The Spanish SAT subject test measures your grasp of vocabulary in both structure and context. You will be asked to define words, complete paragraphs and answer questions regarding Spanish usage.
Spanish with Listening includes reading questions as well, but also bases questions on recorded material such as dialogue. The Spanish spoken here is general, meaning no slang, no words exclusive to one country and no jargon.
It is important to note that Spanish with Listening is administered only in November, so plan accordingly if you wish to register. You are required to furnish your own CD player and headphones for this exam.
It is recommended that you have at least two years of concentrated Spanish study prior to testing.

Spanish SAT Test Scores & Strategies for Success

The Spanish SAT subject test receives a score between 200 and 800. Spanish with Listening also receives individual reading and listening subscores. In 2011, the average (mean) score for the general Spanish exam was 647. Spanish with Listening saw an average of 663.
As with any exam, it is vital to prepare. A rigorous SAT study strategy can pay off in confidence and high scores.
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