Some jobs require the attendance of a school dedicated to that field.

American colleges, universities, and community colleges offer a wide range of degree options that can generally be used towards a variety of careers or further degrees. Professional schools, on the other hand, provide a more focused education preparing students specifically for a chosen career. Attending a professional school is a requirement for many jobs in the US. For example, lawyers, doctors and veterinarians all must apply to and be accepted by schools for special training. These students receive subject-specific training and are prepared to get the certification that they will need to enter their chosen field. Here are some common types of professional schools.


Law school gives students all the rigorous training required to enter the law profession. Whether you’re dreaming of becoming an entertainment lawyer or a top litigator in personal injury lawsuits, law schools will give you the tools you need to get there. Most law schools require students to first have an undergraduate degree.


If you dream of becoming a doctor, then medical school is the place for you to go. Be aware that medical school, like law school, usually requires an undergraduate degree in advance.


If you’re not interested in becoming a doctor but still want to be in the medical field, nursing is an excellent option. Nurses are always in demand and are well-paid. In fact, many students obtain their nursing certification and work for a few years as nurses until they can afford to pay for medical school.


If you want to work in medicine and love animals, the veterinary field might be for you. Veterinary professional schools prepare students for the career of an animal veterinarian.


For those students interested in becoming a dentist, dental school is a must. There are also training programs for dental technicians.


Pharmacy technicians need to undergo a lot of training and receive proper certification. Professional schools are available for those interested in the pharmaceutical profession.


Education degrees are available from both professional schools and regular colleges and universities. Graduates have the training and certification required to work as teachers.


Students interested in the psychology profession can receive training and accreditation from psychology professional schools.

Is a Professional School for You?

Because professional schools are so specifically tailored to a specific subject and aim to prepare students for a career in that subject, they are an appropriate option for you only if you are sure that you wish to pursue a career in that area. Professional schools are an excellent track for students who already have their career picked out. They provide the training you need and prepare you to obtain the proper certification to work in the field. Be aware that if you have attended school or worked in these fields in another country, your requirements to get a profession license and practice in the US may be different.

Either way, professional schools are an excellent option — and maybe the only option — for specific careers in the US.