Choose the SAT Scores You Want Colleges to See

FAQs about how to report your SAT scores.

What if you could show only your highest SAT score to US colleges?
Now you can.
The College Board (the group that administers the SAT) allows students to release only the SAT scores they choose.
SAT officials hope that this score policy will reduce students’ stress. And if you understand how this policy works, it can!
Q: What do I do if I took the SAT before the new score policy begins?
A: No problem. Starting in spring 2009 you can choose which (if any) SAT scores from prior tests that you want to send to colleges and universities in America you will apply to.
Q: Can I send colleges my high reading score from the March test, my high math score from the May test, and my high essay score from the June test?
A: No. You must send the scores from each section (math, reading comprehension and writing / essay) of the SAT test dates you choose.
Q: Is this score policy in place for SAT II Subject Tests, too?
A: Yes.
Q: How much does this cost?
A: Nothing extra. The score-reporting feature is included in the cost of taking the SAT.
Q: Do I have to decide which SAT scores to send?
A: Nope. If you don’t want to interpret your SAT scores to choose which ones to send, all of them will be forwarded to the colleges you indicate.
Q: Will all US colleges recognize this SAT score policy?
A: Maybe not. You will still have to follow the score reporting requirements at each college and university you apply to. At least one major college- the University of Southern California — has said it may still require applicants to submit scores from each SAT attempt.


This new policy allows you to take the SAT over and over again without letting some colleges and universities know how many tries it took to get your highest scores.
But just because you can take the SAT 10 times doesn’t mean you should! Prepare for each test as if it were your first. Get started with a few FREE practice questions!