Moving to college can be fun and exciting if you’re ready, or tedious and stressful if you’re not.

Are you prepared? Here’s what you need to do:

Complete the Paperwork

Before you get too excited and start throwing all your earthly belonging into suitcases, make sure you’ve taken care of any paperwork needed from the college or university you’ll be attending.

Last-minute paperwork after acceptance could include things like housing forms or choosing a meal plan. Taking care of this paperwork as early as possible will make the process of moving to college much easier.

Pack What You Need for College

Packing when you are moving to college can be daunting, especially if you are trying to pack up the past 18 years of your life!

Keep in mind that most dorm rooms are quite small, so try to stick to the essential supplies you need to pack for college.

Most US college dorm rooms are also furnished so you won’t need to worry about any furniture. If you’re trying to really cut down on how much you need to pack, remember that you can purchase things like towels, sheets, and new toiletries once you get to school.

Get to Know Your Roommate in Advance

Getting in touch with your college roommate is a great way to start getting involved in social life on campus before you even arrive. After all, your roommate is likely to be your first friend at college.

It’s also practical to touch base with your roommate to find out what each of you is bringing to college. Maybe you can bring the TV for the room and she can bring the mini-fridge. Some roommates even plan on a color scheme for their room in advance, so they can pick out corresponding linens.
Many students get in touch with their future roommates before moving to college, so don’t be shy about contacting your roommate. Once your college tells you who you are rooming with, they may also provide you with an email address to contact him or her. It’s also likely that you can contact your college roommate on social networking sites.

A Special Note for International Students

International students have another set of concerns, including acquiring a student visa and purchasing plane tickets.

Your school should provide you with additional international student information concerning things like visa requirements.

It’s important to apply for your student visa well in advance. You don’t want to be worrying and waiting for your visa at the last minute before moving to college.

You’ll also need a certain amount of money in your bank account to prove you can support yourself as an international student, or proof that someone else (like your parents) will be supporting you. Make sure you know how to manage your money in college before going to school.

Remember to Relax!

Moving to college should be fun and exciting, but it also can be stressful. After all, you can’t just pick up and go. Before you leave there’s paperwork to fill out, friends to say goodbye to, and a lot of packing to be done!

Don’t let the stress of moving to college overwhelm you. Make a to-do list so you’ll be sure not to forget anything. Having all those tasks down on paper will make the whole process seem more manageable and allow you to focus on the fun and exciting parts of moving to college!