Join career clubs to make contacts for your job.

The US job market can be tough to break into — even more so if you’re an international student with few contacts in the country. It can be easier by joining career clubs in college and meeting people who are already working in your field.

What Are Career Clubs?

Career clubs are groups on campus that focus on a specific field of study. These clubs can be open to anyone studying a certain subject (for example, public relations or engineering) or a more specific group within those students (for example, women in engineering). Some of these clubs are university affiliates of national organizations for professionals already in the field.

Members can learn about job prospects and options for people with their college major or minor. You also may meet university alumni and learn what jobs they got with their degree.

Why Join Career Clubs?

Career clubs give students the chance to learn from people who have jobs in the field they are studying. These people may give presentations to the club, or members may be able to visit someone at their workplace.

The opportunities for networking may prove especially valuable to both international students who will work in the US and those who will return to their country for work after they earn their US degree. A contact at a place you want to work may mean your resume for a job or an internship will get a second look. In any case, a contact can give advice about where to look for jobs and what skills you need to get them.

Besides the professional benefits, career clubs are a good way to get involved in student life and meet students who have similar interests and goals. The friends you make here could be the same ones who help you find a job later.

Career clubs at US colleges and universities can introduce you to job opportunities you never knew existed. They can also present you to the right people to help you land your dream job. For international students, career clubs can give you an initial glimpse into an American place of work.