Colleges have clubs for students with an international focus.

A college’s international students club can foster new relationships, regardless of whether or not you’re an international student.
This kind of club gives international students a chance to share their culture and meet others from their homeland. It also gives US students the opportunity to practice a foreign language and learn more about the world.

Foreign Language Clubs at US Colleges

International student clubs that focus on a specific language do more than simply allow students to practice their vocabulary and accents. They also provide a forum to learn more about other countries and their traditions.
Students might watch foreign movies, cook traditional food or meet at authentic restaurants. Students could also celebrate holidays or attend international festivals.
Some universities dedicate college dorm floors or even a house to students learning a specific foreign language. Students there are encouraged, or even required, to practice the language in an everyday setting.

International Students Club

Your college may also have a club with an international focus without a concentration on a specific language or country.
An international students club allows people from around the world to meet, make friends and offer each other support while on campus. US students who join can learn more about a variety of places instead of only the ones they are studying.


Your college’s student activities office, international student services or the department teaching your native language can help you find the right international students club. For international students, foreign language clubs can be a great place to find students who will let them practice English. For US students, the clubs can be like studying abroad without leaving the country.