Applicants and graduates: Contact the alumni club where you live.

You can use international alumni clubs in your country even before you attend a college in the US.

Advice. Information. Student admissions interviews. Members of the alumni club in your country hold on to a wealth of information. The alumni club even may sponsor scholarships that you could be eligible for!

What is an alumni club?

An alumni club is an organized group of graduates from a specific college. Alumni clubs usually have chapters throughout the US, and large colleges also will have international chapters in countries and cities around the world.
Graduates may pay a fee to join an alumni club that will entitle them to a newsletter, alumni magazine or other perks.

Why join an international alumni club?

After you graduate it becomes harder and harder to keep in touch with classmates and learn what is new on campus, especially if you move to a different country, away from the college or university where you studied.

An international alumni club allows you to stay in touch with other graduates and find out about special events both at your university and in the country where you live.

Activities can range from outings to sponsoring scholarships for local students to attend your college.

Another benefit is the assistance that alumni can provide when you look for a job after graduation. Some international alumni associations keep a directory of members and their professions, so you can ask for advice about your job resume and/or cover letter from people in your field of work or graduates who studied the same college major.

How do I join an international alumni club?

As you approach graduation, ask the college you are attending if it has an alumni club in the country or city where you will be living. You probably will be able to get the phone number and/or email address of one of the members (such as the president). Many international alumni associations also have websites.

If the country or city where you will be living doesn’t have an alumni club already, ask your college how you can start one!

An international alumni club can help applicants, students and graduates. Members can help you apply for college, find a job, and get acclimated to living and working in a new city after graduation. Afterall, members of international alumni clubs already have one thing in common: Respect and affection for a common college.