Strengthen your major by focusing on a second subject.

Already decided on a college major? Now it’s time to think about your college minor! The right college minor for you not only allows you to “specialize” your major, but it also can help you find a job after graduation.

What is a college minor?

While your college major is your primary field of study, your college minor is a secondary field that is often (but not always!) related to your major. A minor requires fewer classes than a major.

Why choose a college minor?

A college minor is an excellent way to pursue an interest or prove to future employers that you seriously studied a specific subject. For example, a college minor in Spanish is more impressive than stating that you simply took a few courses in the language. Colleges require students to declare a major, but few require a minor in order to graduate. A college minor, however, often can be completed with just a handful of classes and academic credit. Talk to your advisor about specific requirements.

What college minor should I choose?

Many people say that you should choose a college minor that complements your major and shows potential employers who receive your job or internship resume that you have expertise in a certain aspect of the field. For example, you can major in finance and minor in economics or accounting. Or you can minor in both! But if you prefer, you can pick a college minor based purely on your interests and not at all on your career goals. That means even a biology major can minor in music! If you want to declare a minor in a specific subject, make sure the college or university offers it before you enroll. Some schools offer fewer minors than majors.

With good planning and help from your college advisor, you can complete both a major and a minor in four years and still graduate on time. Remember: With a few more classes you also could turn your college minor into your second major!